The first volume of the SOUNDSCAPES + VISIONS series based on the impressions made during three visits to the Land of the Rising Sun was released at the AAVI Visual Arts Academy final exhibition
in summer 2016, as part of my graduation project.

With the collaboration of Raúl Tudón, scoring unique Soundscapes
to accompany this visual experience, a second volume was created with brand new pictures taken during our last visit in November 2017. Each edition consists of 75-80 pictures printed in ProLine pearl photo paper with a linen hardcover and a glossy color dust jacket.
Ebook versions for Kindle and iPad are also available:

Labyrinths of Solitude

Living in a metropolis is a challenge. As a young person you not only struggle with career decisions or independence, but also the image you project on social media. Where everyone seems to enjoy a perfect life already. Truth is, tucked with the anonymity of a vast city, we create our exuberant realities behind a screen to mask our loneliness.

The title of this picture collection is an allusion to the masterpiece written by the Nobel Prize winner Mexican author Octavio Paz. Though his work is predominantly concerned with Mexican identity, the nature of longing to realize yourself in another, filling the void with nostalgia and revalidation applies for any other culture. We all are desperately walking alone through a labyrinth of concrete and civic duties, traffic jams and temptations, yearning for beauty, a glimpse of magical realism that might distract us from our daily solitude.

Labyrinths of Solitude was first presented during Photo 17 in Zürich, Switzerland. The collection was included in the official physical and digital catalogue, as well as in over 300 Postcards and business cards distributed by myself during the exhibition.

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