Journeys III : Elements


‘’Desolation. A galaxy of frozen, flickering lights below my feet.

Silence. The uncertainty of making a wrong move, losing balance.

Reflection. Slowly realizing you are not alone.

Sunshine. Warm thoughts awake, laughter echoes in the distance.

Infinity. Nothing ever really ends.’’

What do you feel?


‘’Cortex. What lies beneath our skin? beyond appearances, hopes, and fears?

Dreams. Escapes from our reality, yearning to discover far away worlds.

Thoughts. A vortex of feelings, memories, and regrets. Will they ever end?

Time. Every tree tells a story, of growing pains, of incandescence, leaving scars.

Sparks fly. Touched by light, from core to cortex, I come alive.’’

What do you feel?


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