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Photography should not be only a visual delight, but a vehicle to explore our senses. Shape the way we see and understand the world, give us the opportunity to engage with distant cultures and traditions. Personally, since my childhood, it has been the cornerstone of all my interests. It is mostly through our eyes that we first feel inspired. The first time you see a world-known landmark and vow to travel there in your lifetime. The first memorable movie scene that remains forever in your mind. But none of this could fulfill our hearts without the sound of music.

JOURNEYS I : JAPAN is an audiovisual experience delivered by Alonso Izazaga Reyes’ pictures and the music of Raúl Tudón, with the collaboration of Javier Tinajero’s poetry included in the printed issue.

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Japan is pure magic. Few places on our planet can compare to the Land of the Rising Sun.
It was in November 2011 when I first visited this unique country: Still jet lagged and completely disoriented, I walked through the empty streets of Shinjuku on a chilly autumn morning, while the first sun rays started to seep between the high rises. Suddenly the Decisive Moment aligned on this impeccable street, pouring a beautiful golden hue into the glowing neon lights. Immediately I felt awaken, and instinctively pulled my camera out and pointed to the scenery that would define what Japan means to me.

Balance. A unique aesthetic, respectful equilibrium where beauty is present in nature and human creations equally. A certain mysticism that allows harmony to exist between compact shrines and soaring skyscrapers on each street. It is the spirit of the people, so gentle and proper, but most of all the principle of sharing an equal value, a passion for the love of details. They know the greatest beauty lies in the most essential.

It’s a philosophy, a lifestyle that inspires. And in my opinion, there is no major accomplishment, no greater feat for an artist than inspiring to follow these steps, learn from the experiences made along the way. To contribute a tiny grain of sand that might propel you to transcend in your own artistic endeavor.

Phase One of JOURNEYS I: JAPAN culminated with the publication of the project in a physical book, launched as my graduation project at the AAVI Academy of Visual Arts Annual Vernissage in Mexico City.
It can be acquired by request. Please visit our YouTube page or head to the Media section of my website to check out the videos.

Currently, we’re producing the downloadable content for Spotify and Apple Music. Samples of USB Cards containing the complete picture collection, slideshow videos, all Soundscape tracks by Raúl Tudón and the Haikus written by Javier Tinajero will be available for purchase in summer 2018.

We continue developing this project into a more comprehensive experience adding contemporary dance and performance art for the next exposition, and to apply for further financial support. If you want to know more about this development or be part of it, please reach out:

Alonso Izazaga Reyes: See Contact

Raúl Tudón:

Javier Tinajero:

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